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Thermostat introduction:

1, power failure memory function

2, automatically adjust the indoor temperature

3, remote control

4, timing function: regular power on or off

5, the maximum power of 2200W, severe overload will damage the thermostat

Technical Parameters:

       Temperature control range: 5 ° C -40 ° C

       Control accuracy: ±1 °C

       Output power: AC220V 10A 16A (optional)

       Working voltage: AC220V±10°C

       Self-consumption power: 0.4W

       Product size: 105*53*41mm

       Time switch control set to 24 hours


       LCD dual temperature display (indoor temperature, set temperature)

       Use PC+ABS flame retardant material (alloy material)

       Brand relay output control, stable performance

       Socket connection, concealed wiring free, easy to move

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