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The electric heating centralized control system is an intelligent management system developed for the centralized monitoring, control, management, and other needs of electric heating. It adopts mature and reliable industrial grade 485 communication protocol, which can effectively manage electric heating equipment and save energy for customers. The electric heating centralized control system mainly applies large and medium-sized heating buildings that need centralized control. Such as: schools, factories, enterprises and institutions, office buildings, etc.

1. Monitoring host: Display graphical operation interface, data configuration, history record and other data in the storage system.
Minimum configuration: CPU, memory 512M, free space 1G storage space, display resolution 1024 * 768, operating system is Chinese WINDOWS2000 or WINDOWSXP.
2. System control box: realizes the conversion of the monitoring host communication protocol (RS232) to the floor controller communication protocol (RS485). A system control box can drive up to 32 floor controllers (up to 64 floor controllers).
3. Floor controller: Provide DC24V working power for the temperature controller that is carried, and realize data communication from the temperature controller to the system control box. A floor controller can drive up to 64 network thermostats.
4, network thermostat: control the user's various types of electric heating equipment.
5, heating equipment: user-installed HGT special graphene electric heating film, HGT special full-screen wall heating, high-power industrial heaters can be used.

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