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The LCD dual-temperature dual-control thermostat adopts the most advanced micro-computer chip in the world, and detects the temperature through a high-precision sensor inside or outside the thermostat.

Smart setting: 7 days a week, 12 time slots per day, each time can set the corresponding temperature

Manual setting: timer switch, temperature setting

Automatic control: When the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the thermostat automatically stops heating. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the thermostat automatically turns on the heating.

Use environment

1. This product has high electronic integration and is not allowed to be used in humid or temperature environments above 50 °C.

2. If using an external sensor, please put it into the embedding tube and place it at the place where temperature measurement is required. Do not place the sensor directly at the temperature measurement location.


Large screen LCD display, beautiful and generous

Four working modes: comfort, daily plan, weekly plan, antifreeze

Flexible programming for 1 to 12 hours per day

Built-in low temperature antifreeze function

Keyboard lock function

Power down clock hold function

Load protection and overheat protection

Technical indicators

Temperature setting range: 5 ~ 85 ° C

Temperature accuracy: ±1 °C

Antifreeze temperature: off by default (can be customized)

Overheat protection temperature: 50 ° C (can be customized)

Temperature control tolerance: -2 ° C (can be customized)

Output mode: relay

Local power consumption: active power <2W

Power supply voltage: AC 220±120% 50Hz

Rated current: 20A

Rated power: 4000W

Screen size: 65*56MM

Dimensions: 86*86*39MM

Installation hole distance: 60MM

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