1, beauty, slimming, detoxification and lipid-lowering, significant effects on ventilation

2, strengthen blood circulation, discharge body dirt

3Enhance human immunity, reduce arthritis, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

4, increase body basal metabolism, lower blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides

5, improve acidity and sub-health, have a good effect on sleep and neurasthenia

HGT Advantage:

1. Environmental protection: HGT uses water-based materials to produce non-toxic and tasteless (mostly oil-based and polluting materials are used in the market), formaldehyde-free

2, energy saving: infrared heating, improve infrared conversion rate, saving 30%

3, imported materials: the use of DuPont PET substrate, long life

4, fully automatic production: stable quality, uniform temperature

5, can be customized: can customize unique specifications for large customers

6, safety: fireproof design, temperature resistant, waterproof



       Zero power attenuation   Fire and leakage prevention

       High heat utilization         Power saving and safety

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