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The traditional dryers mainly include van dryers, tunnel dryers,cylinder dryer, drum dryers, belt dryers, tray dryers, paddle dryers, fluidized bed dryers, and spray beds. Dryer, spray dryer, air flow dryer, etc. These traditional drying technologies have a long history, mature and reliable, and have been widely used in countries all over the world. However, the traditional dryer has low working efficiency and high temperature. It damages dry food, tea, Chinese herbal medicines, wood boards, etc., changes the composition of the dried materials, and the relative energy consumption is high. Therefore, the innovation of drying equipment is inevitable now.

  Infrared heating transfers heat by radiation. When the heated molecule is irradiated with infrared rays of a certain frequency, the radiant energy spectrum of the radiation source and the molecules of the heated object resonate and absorb, and accelerate the thermal motion inside the molecule, thereby achieving the purpose of heating  . Based on the mechanism of infrared heating, infrared heating and drying has the characteristics of fast heating speed, high production efficiency, uniform heating, cleanness, high product quality and energy saving. Moreover, it has a small equipment scale, a low investment, and a long life, making it widely used in various fields.

Low temperature infrared drying effect:
1. The water content is less than 4%.
2, the color of the food has not changed, high temperature will change the color of the food.
3, medicinal materials, etc. need to retain the efficacy, do not change the composition when dry, infrared low temperature drying is most suitable.

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