The difference between graphene nano-carbon electric heating film and other electric heating film ?

Graphene nanocarbons are ultrafine particles with an average size of only 20 nanometers. The smaller the material particles, the higher their packing and adsorption properties and the more uniform the distribution. Therefore, the carbon molecules of the graphene nano-carbon electric heating film are evenly distributed, and the heat is more even, and the difference of each heating area is less than 0.2 DEG C. The diaphragm is thinner and lighter, and the flexibility is higher. On the market, the temperature difference between the common electric film heating area is about 1°C.                     

What is the impact on the electric heating film heating system caused by the frequent switching on and off?

No effect. After CSA test, there was no damage to the electric heating film continuous and power-off 2000H. 

What is the characteristic of infrared heating? 

Infrared heating is to make the body and the surrounding dense objects absorb energy, and the temperature rises, and then these objects emit heat to naturally increase the indoor temperature, just like the winter sunlight gives people a gentle, peaceful, warm and comfortable. There is no feeling of dry, stuffy heat from traditional plumbing, air conditioning, etc., and there is no room floating. 

Is electric film safe?

HGT's graphene nano-carbon electric heating film work surface temperature does not exceed 50 °C, the connection system fire, resistant to strong acid, strong alkali. There will be no safety accidents such as leakage, explosion, spontaneous combustion, and aging. 

Is HGT's electricity heating fee high?

HGT floor heating system has an electrical energy conversion rate of 99% and no electrical losses. The low electricity cost is related to the insulation of the house itself, personal use habits and so on. 24-hour heating, operating costs for the north 15-20 yuan / m2/4 months in the south (insulation is not good) 6-10 yuan / m / 2 months (the HGT special installation test results of the actual test results).

Does the HGT not have many problems in the market just like many electric floor heating is getting colder?   

   Indeed, most of the electric heating products on the market have power attenuation problems, some as high as 50% attenuation, making the electric floor heating use a few years later there is a slow temperature rise, and even can not reach the set temperature. HGT's core technology solves the problem of power attenuation. Using constant power technology, the heating effect of the building with HGT's electric floor heating is always new and unchanged for decades. 

How long is HGT's electric floor heating service life?

HGT's electric floor heating service life is 50 years ---- 70 years, once invested and enjoyed for life.

How long is the heating time?    

Generally, the first warming time every winter will be slightly longer, about 5-10 hours. Follow-up from the incubation to the set temperature time is about 0.5-1 hour.

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