Scope of application:

Public buildings and houses, villas, schools, workshops, high-altitude heating, garages, etc. All indoor spaces that need to be warmed.

Widely used in residential quarters, factories, workshops, institutions, schools, office buildings, 

refueling stations, hotels, restaurants, yoga rooms, steaming health museums, parking garages, etc. 

Product advantages:

1. High energy saving: The electric energy is directly converted into thermal energy, and the thermal conversion rate is as high as 99% or more.
2. Warm and fast: The surface of the electric heater is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy. After high temperature oxidation, no deformation, no fading, high thermal conductivity, large area and uniform heat. There is also a layer of far-infrared coating on the surface that increases the thermal effect by 10%.
3. Long life: aluminum-magnesium alloy, no fan, no bearing, carbon brush, motor and other wearing parts, guaranteed for more than ten years.
4. Safe and high: silent, no visible light, no wind, no floating air cleaning.
5. Radiation distance is far: effective distance 3.2 meters, optimal distance 2.2-2.6 meters
6. Because it is light and thin, it does not take up space, so it is light and can be installed at will.
7. Simple installation: Because it is light and thin, it is light and does not take up space. It can be installed at will.
8. Health and environmental protection: When the far infrared ray transmits heat, the disturbing air is extremely low, and it will release the far infrared wave that is easily absorbed. It can activate human cells and improve microcirculation to promote metabolism.
The heating element is made of imported magnesium oxide powder by the internationally leading technology, and the main body is made of special aluminum alloy by special oxidation treatment, and the infrared radiation heater is developed by adding heat storage device. A new heating product that uses physical properties to directly convert electrical energy into thermal energy and heat transfer by infrared radiation.
1, rapid heating, radiation heat dissipation is more uniform;
2, heat convection, aluminum-magnesium alloy surface heat dissipation enhance heating effect;
3, with electricity as energy, no light, no wind, no smell, no sound operation, no loss of moisture in the air, heating evenly. Eliminate the hidden dangers of traditional heating;
4, the service life is longer, continuous power > 250,000 hours;
5. Installation method: hoisting in the air, hanging on the wall, embedded in the ceiling canopy, or using professional movable bracket;

                Pendant installation diagram

The heater can be mounted on the ceiling and walls.

The power line of the radiant heater should be copper core wire, and the cross section depends on the load.

The ceiling is the best place to install infrared radiation heaters. In theory, the infrared radiation heating period can be installed on all flat surfaces of the room. The installation should consider that the radiator is not blocked, which is more conducive to heat radiation and emission.

After determining the position, press the template as shown in (1) and (2). You can bend the angle as needed and connect the template to the roof wall with expansion bolts according to Figure (3), and then the infrared radiation heating period. Connect to the template, first install one end, then install the other end, the fixing screws must be tightened.

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