Instructions for use:

1、The first time you run this heating system, because the humidity of the wall is higher, the initial heating will consume more power. This does not mean that your system operating costs will be very high. Please wait for the system to reach equilibrium and then estimate the operating cost.


The installation of HGT electric heating film heating system, the first time the temperature or long-term did not start, should be slowly warming, the first time you start the electric film heating system, the system should be set at 5 °C ~ 10 °C, run for a period of time in the low temperature range, Then gradually increase the temperature until you reach the heating comfort temperature. In order to protect the wooden floor, the heating rate should not exceed 1°C/hour.


2、Every time you start it at the beginning of the year, since the power is relatively high and the impact load is high, it is recommended that you start the room separately to avoid tripping.


3、HGT electric heating film with automatic temperature control function, according to your need to set the temperature between 5 °C ~ 35 °C, reach your set temperature when the system will stop running, with a temperature drop of about 2 °C, but also self-opening.


4、It is recommended that you adjust the temperature to about 10°C (usually set 5°C higher than the outdoor temperature) during the outing to reduce the operating time of the electric film and save you a considerable amount of electricity.


5、Initial warming time: It takes about 1.5 hours for the surface temperature to reach 18°C. It is   recommended not to switch the power of the thermostat frequently during use, and let the thermostat automatically regulate the temperature. If you are using a new home for the year in which you are staying, due to the overall occupancy rate and structural moisture content, the appropriate temperature can be reached in about 12-24 hours.

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